The placement office is mandated to strengthen collaborative foundations of research and academic excellence at IIIC Kollam. The institute emphasizes relevant higher-order problem-solving skills to cater to the increasingly demanding technical work environment in the fields of infrastructure, construction, planning, mechanical and electrical engineering. IIIC provides a culturally rich atmosphere for a collaborative work ethic that trains a big talent pool from which employers can match graduates with their unique workplace needs. IIIC placement office would like to welcome all prospective partners to visit its campus to discuss available placement opportunities to help organizations achieve its objectives. IIIC placement office promises to make available, get best and most innovative talented workforce grounded on strong conceptual foundations and excellent skills.

For any queries regarding recruitment from Kollam IIIC, please contact the placement office at and ‘cc’ to

Placement data for 2019 & 2020
PGD in Advance Construction Management (PGDACM) 86
PGD in Urban Planning Design and Management ( PGDUPDM) 83
PGD in Interior Design and Construction (PGDIDC) 88
Graduation Programme for Civil Engineering Graduates ( GPEGCE) 83
Graduation Programme for Mechanical Engineering Graduates (GPEGME) 58
AD in Data Center Infrastructure Engineering ( ADDCI-Data Center) 60
PGD in Facilities and Contract Management ( PGDFMCM) 50
PGD in Retail Management (PGDRM) 50
PGD in Data Analytics ( PGDDA) 14
ACP in Geographical Information System and Geographical Positioning System ( ACPGIS and GPS) 100
ACP in Plumbing Engineering ( ACPPE) 46
AD in Hospitality Management ( ADHM) 58
ACP in Bar Bending and Steel Fixing (ACBBSF) 100
CP in Finishing Works (CPFW) 45
CP in Sewage Water Treatment Operator (CPSWTO) 47
CP in Road Construction Machinery Operator (CPRCMO) 60
ACP in Data Center Infrastructure Engineering ( ACP DCIE) 40
Assistant Electrician Level 3 (AEL3) 52
Construction Welder Level 4 (CWL4) 66

Placement Companies

Collaboration with key stakeholders in the infrastructure, construction and the engineering industries provide the graduates with real time problem-solving and skill-building opportunities to plug the human resource gaps in the industries. The IIIC placement office has secured the above opportunities in the diverse scope of companies within the academic years 2019 – 2020.