The Uralungal Labour Contract Co-operative Society Ltd. (ULCCS), hails from a rural pocket in Malabar region in North Kerala. Acknowledged as the best Labour Co-operative Society in India by Indian Co-operative Congress 2013. ULCCS was formed in 1925 by the eminent social reformer Sri Guru Vagbhatananda in a remote hamlet called Uralungal near Vatakara in Kozhikode District of Kerala, as a novel mass movement against the anarchies of the caste system prevalent in those days. It has grown today as a name synonymous with quality, workmanship, precision and efficiency in Construction work, especially that of roads and bridges in Kerala. It began with 14 members and a capital of 6 Annas (old Indian currency) equivalent to about Rs. 0.37. This union of skilled workers who had lost their jobs due to their fight against superstitions and partisan practices during 1920s and ‘30s, formed for solving their unemployment, played a crucial role in developing infrastructure in Independent India. By religiously following the ideals of social harmony, inclusion and selfless service that bonded the initial members of the union, ULCCS has grown to be the biggest Labour Contract Society in the State, providing direct employment to more than 6000 workers from rural areas.