Organisational Structure

  • Director
    • HoD
      • Department faculty
        • Workshop heads
    • Head Finance & Accounts
      • Finance
      • Accounts
    • Head Admin
      • Facilty
      • HR
    • HoD placement
    • Chief warden
      • Supporting staff

ULCCS is committed to creating a skill institute of world-class standards. All efforts will be made to source the best faculty and supporting staff. Highly experienced faculty with sufficient industry and academic experience will be employed as heads of departments. There will be an impartial, merit-based approach for appointment of faculty and supporting staff. Moreover, there will be tie ups with reputed institutions within and outside India for course content, faculty sharing etc.

Depending on nature of the course, there will be sufficient opportunity for hands-on training. For example, for technical courses such as Concreting, plumbing etc. students will get ample opportunities to observe and practise these activities at ULCCS project sites. Required number of internships/ site visits will be arranged for relevant courses.